Rodent Control in Arizona: How to Get Rid of Rats & Mice

There is not a smell in the world that is like the smell of mice and rat infestations. It is a musty smell; similar to shag carpet that has been aging in a dusty, abandoned house for fifty years. But, the smell is the least of one’s worries when one’s house is infested with mice and rats. Mice and rats are infamous for carrying all sorts of unwanted diseases. They are also able to chew through electric cables and walls. If you are encountering a rat or mice infestation, then you have come to the right blog. In this blog, we will be discussing the best methods to rid your environment of mice and rats. Call All Clear Pest Control in queen creek Az is you suspect rats or mice in your home

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

queen creek ratsGetting rid of mice and rats can take a few days up to several weeks depending on the severity of the circumstance. If you are dealing with only a few mice or rats, then you can probably rid your environment of them in a single day or few days. If you have a population of rats and mice stirring through the walls and ceiling, then it could take a few weeks. Nonetheless, if you stick to these methods, you will succeed.

Identify the infected area

You can take the approach of placing traps randomly throughout your house or apartment. But, chances are you will just split up the pack of rodents that are already in your home. A pack that was once in one general area of the environment is now spread out around the entire house. Do your best to identify the infected area or the most populated area and start by placing traps there. You should be looking for mouse droppings and lots of clutter and crumbs that you have left behind. If the temperature is cool outside, then you should also look for places that could be warm such as inside of large electronic devices such as printers.

Don’t buy into humane traps

There are a slew of products that are supposed to trap mice and rates in a humane way. They work via spring action. The user places the bait under a sticker on the bottom of the device and twists the trap to set the spring. When the rodent enters the trap, the trap quickly and forcefully twists back, trapping the rodent. This, at least, is what it is supposed to do. However, because the trap is designed to trap the rodent instead of killing it, rodents have trouble identifying where the bait is located in the large housing. Rodents will also need to enter through a doorway of the trap and can only enter one way. This significantly decreases the chances of a rodent enters the trap. Skip the humane traps and use the traps that allow the bait to be in plain sight.

queen creek pest control

Clean your room, Sir (or Ma’am)

Chances are that if the temperature is warm outside, then the main reason why you have a rodent issue is that you are not exactly keeping your environment as clean as you should. After setting traps, clean up the area. Sometimes ridding an area of a free buffet for rodents will solve the issue entirely. This is not always the case since it is near impossible to clean all of the little crumbs are left behind by humans.

This article lists several ways to rid your space of rodents. However, if you want to make sure that you solve your rodent problem, then you should call on the experts at All Clear Pest Control.