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Seven Of The Most Popular Questions About Termite Infestations In Homes

Termites may be a nuisance to our homes and can cause a significant amount of damage is not taken care of properly.

Uncovering the fact that your home is now also the home to hundreds of termites can be an unsettling feeling, and taking care of the problem at the earliest is always the best solution to keep in mind while encountering such a problem. Termites are one of the biggest threats to our home structures as their primary target is the wood, which is what most of our homes are primarily made of. Billions are spent every year trying to curb the problem of termites that are being seen in the country, which also sheds light on the statistic of how many people are affected by this problem.

A lot of times, people who find termites in their homes don’t know what needs to be done, or just don’t have adequate information about San Tan Valley AZ pest control. Here, we have listed some of the most frequent questions that people have when they find termites in their home.

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Question #1: Why Would Termites Infest Your Home?

Even if your home is spotless and kept in the tidiest way possible, termites still can enter into your home. The main thing that termites feast on is wood, and if your house is primarily made of wood, you are already at a higher risk.

Question #2: Why Are There So Many Of Them?

Termites aren’t a species of insects that can live alone. They are highly dependent on others in their colony and work together to take a house down. Within the colony, each termite has its role to play, and the absence of one can cause the colony to break apart.

Question #3: Can There Be Two Colonies In One Home?

Though rare, it is possible for two colonies to be present in one home at the same time. If you think the two colonies of termites are going to battle it out for dominance of your home, you are probably out of luck because termite colonies don’t mingle with one another. If you do have two colonies in one home, you will notice that they are generally situated far from each other.

Question #4: How Long Do Termites Live For?

It may seem like the termites never die if not treated and killed off, and this can hold true only for two years, which is how long termites live off. However, an entire colony of termites can live for much longer than what you would expect. Sometimes, colonies live on for years without being noticed, all while continually reproducing and adding more numbers to their army.

Question #5: How Fast Can Termites Affect The Wood In Your Home?

One termite by itself is rather weak to be able to cause a significant amount of damage to your home. However, because of the sheer numbers that they have on their side, the damage can increase at an incredibly rapid pace. A full-grown colony can easily compromise the structure of a home within the span of a few months, and this can sometimes pose a great risk to the people living in the home.

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Question #6: How Do I Know If My Home Is Already Infested With Termites?

If you notice any kind of cracks in your wood, either on the surface or its sides, there is a chance that a termite has tried to compromise it. Termites work in a manner through which they dig into the central part of the wood and then eat it from the inside out. The wood that they have eaten through will, therefore, be hollow on the inside. Tapping the wood to see if it seems hollow is also a way to know if termites are at play in your home.

Question #7: How Do I Keep Termites At Bay?

One of the most popular questions has to be regarding the preventive measures that one can take to keep a termite infestation away. Termites are usually attracted to things like firewood, leaves or even paper. Keeping these things out in the open or away from your home is one of the best preventive measures. Keeping your property in top shape and sealing any holes or cracks that might get formed naturally is also a good preventive measure.