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Winter Pests in Gilbert, Arizona

When the winter months arrive, you will likely see fewer insects outside your Gilbert, Arizona home. While some bugs do move to warmer places, other go to ground to wait for warmer weather. This happens because insects must conserve energy due to their cold-blooded natures. The lack of bugs outside does not mean you should stop your calls to pest control in Gilbert AZ. The insects may soon move into your home and cause problems there. The most common pests are listed below.

Termites love the warmer regions of the world, including Arizona. When it gets colder outside, they burrow into the soil and eventually find their way indoors. Even though the foundation and the walls will hold some of the cold, this does not discourage termites because they can survive it. They cause damage by chewing through wood, which could also threaten the structural integrity of your house if the infestation becomes too large. If you suspect you have termites, call in a professional.

Typically, ants will hibernate during the winter because the cold slows them down. They usually choose trees or underground areas to rest, but if they detect a warm place, such as your house, they will come inside and start foraging for food. If there are only a few ants, insecticide or bait will control the problem. If there are a large number of ants marching through your home, you will need schedule a visit from pest control.

Even if you seal all the cracks and crevices in your home, spiders are still bound to get in. They are the most common pests in Gilbert, Arizona neighborhoods and one of the top reasons people call for pest control services. You need to be careful around spiders because although many of them are harmless and eat other annoying bugs, a few are poisonous and have a dangerous bite, especially black widows. If you are not sure what species of spider you are dealing with, ask an expert.

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Mice and Rats
Insects are not the only type of pests that can invade your house during the winter weather. Even if you already have regular extermination services for bugs, you will want to extend them for mice and rats as well. Unlike insects, these rodents are warm blooded and want to come inside and eat your food while enjoying your home’s heat. They usually gain access to a house through handy openings or by chewing through wood and other materials. Once established, mice and rats breed quickly and are difficult to eradicate. You can use traps with bait and poison, but if there are too many rodents living in your attic or walls, you will need expert help to resolve the issue.

Do Not Ignore the Problem
If you start hearing odd noises inside of your home or notice bugs running around, do not ignore the problem. It will not go away. Once pests find a place they like that offers warmth and a food supply, they will be reluctant to leave, even when summer weather returns. Schedule an appointment with an exterminator or extend the services you already have.

Winter does not mean the end of bugs and other pests. Protect your Gilbert, Arizona home by calling All Clear Pest Control today.