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Cockroaches Making you Sick?

Perhaps you’ve experienced it. You sit down with a co-worker to lunch, and you’re discussing the latest office gossip. You look over to grab a cracker to add to your tuna fish sandwich and what do you see but a roach! There is nothing more disheartening than seen these eight-legged friends appear at the worst possible moment!

Whether it is found on the table or the floor, it is never a pleasing thing to encounter an insect especially those known to carry diseases such as roaches.

Some Bacteria Roaches Carry

It is scary how many different types of bacteria roaches carry. Even the seasoned entomologist who has chosen a career in studying and adoring insects, they have to admit roaches are dirty. It’s not a stereotype. They are known for carrying the following dangerous bacteria:



E. coli


Straphylococcus aureus

Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list. It is just the main types of bacteria they carry, according to Gilbert pest control. This means that it is quite likely that you could get a disease if you make contact with roaches or their droppings.

Business Partners Hate Roaches

The presence of roaches for business owners is an embarrassment because you might have clients that you are entertaining when a cockroach walks across your contracts. Can you imagine how the mood would change when you’re discussing how to merge a company or sign a new deal and instead you have to deal with an insect infestation?

This is why it’s so important to have regular checks of your workspace. The chances are if you are an employer, your employees have already told you if you have a roach problem.

Employees Hate Roaches

Employees may complain about the sight of these 8-legged pests because they’re worried about the health risk. So, once you notice there’s a problem, you will need to take some steps to alleviate it. First, don’t leave any food out that roaches may come across. If you take away their food source much like other pests, you can alleviate much of the population. However the problem will still remain if you do not find the eggs and find out how they’re getting in. The following steps may cut down on the possibility of having a roach infestation in the future.

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DIY Anti-Roach War Strategies

1. Cut off their food source. Roaches come around when there is food to be found. If you keep things clean and don’t leave food crumbs, they will be unlikely to find a food source, and they may leave for more productive lands.
2. Spray pesticide in the corners and cracks with are most likely to come through the building.
3. Have regular inspections of your property to make sure that they are not laying new eggs or that a recent infestation has not reclaimed your area.
4. Use cleaning solutions and chemicals that tend to ward roaches away. Mop the floors regularly, vacuum, dust furniture, and crevices use Windex around windows and places for roaches might get in. Often the smell will repel some of them and it might discourage them from coming in.
5. Contact a roach or bug Pest Control expert. The only way to get rid of roaches when you do have an infestation is to get professional exterminators to get rid of them.

About All Clearaz

If you need expert pest control services, contact us on our website for a free estimate. We have years of experience in getting rid of these disease-carrying pests in Queen Creek, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and San Tan Valley areas. We also serve the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

We offer free estimates on your infestation, and we can advise you on what to do to eliminate the problem before it becomes too big to handle. We can find the cracks where roaches are getting in and help you figure out how to seal the cracks and eliminate the eggs and the source of your problem.

It is especially important in your place of business that you cut down on the roach population immediately. The presence of these beasts may discourage clients from doing business with you. This is especially true if you own a food business or restaurant as people tend to associate roaches with uncleanness.

Contact us for more information. Don’t live with roaches another day. Just because they came in illegally across your border doesn’t mean they have to stay!