3 Things Homeowners In Gilbert Should Know About Termites

October 31, 2019

Everyone knows that termites are bad news, but when it comes to actually knowing useful information about them, few people know much. As a Gilbert homeowner, not knowing enough about termites can be detrimental to the health of your home and wallet. Below are three things every homeowner in Gilbert should know about termites.

Termites Can Live In Your House For Years Without Your Knowledge

You’d think that if thousands of bugs were eating your house, you’d notice that something was wrong. Many people are under the impression that they’d be aware of a termite infestation and be able to do something about it at the start. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Termites sneak into houses from underground and stay hidden inside walls. They don’t make noise and they don’t come out in the open, except to mate. The likelihood of discovering a termite infestation in your home by chance is incredibly small. Termites can eat away at the wooden structures in a house for months and years without detection. As time goes on, their colony will grow, leaving a homeowner with more termites eating through the home at a faster rate than ever.

Termites Cause Billions Of Dollars In Damage To U.S. Structures Every Year

Having thousands of termites eating away at a house causes problems. While a few tunnels here and there might not be anything to worry about, over time, the wooden structures within a house will weaken as more and more tunnels form. Eventually the structural integrity of a home becomes compromised. This not only makes a home a dangerous place in which to live, but also costs a substantial amount of money to repair. Throughout the US, termites cost home and business owners over $5 billion every single year.

Most Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover Termite Damage

As if the last news wasn’t bad enough, it gets worse. Most homeowners insurance does not cover termite damage. This is because termites are considered something that can be controlled through proper, regular home maintenance. Insurance companies aren’t willing to foot the bill for repairs of something that could have been prevented.

Luckily, when it comes to termites, it’s not all bad news. There is “termite insurance” available for your Gilbert home. All Clear Pest Control provides termite control treatments that will eliminate any colonies currently in or around your home as well as prevent future colonies from invading. Our termite control treatment protects your home year-round and comes with a renewable and transferable warranty. With your newfound knowledge, you can now confidently take steps to protect your Gilbert home against the very real threat of termites. Contact All Clear to set up a termite inspection today.

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