5 Things Every Queen Creek Resident Should Know About Keeping Mosquitoes Away

September 12, 2019

Even as the warm season draws to a close, these opportunistic blood-drinkers are still flying around in a backyard near you. Typical seasonality for mosquitoes in Queen Creek falls between the middle of April and the first frost of the season, which usually happens around late October. Our long growing season and rainy, humid climate help to perpetuate mosquito activity long into the fall, creating a haven for insect breeding and feeding.

Mosquitoes not only cause itchy red welts on the skin, but they also pose significant health risks for home and business owners alike. Dengue, malaria, Zika and West Nile virus are all potentially serious illnesses that can be transmitted by mosquitoes. If you have a mosquito infestation in your lawn, the risk is increased exponentially.

Prevent Pests With Confidence

Even if the usual season for mosquitoes is ending, it’s never too late to take back your home with these FIVE simple prevention tips that fight against infestations all year round.

1. Remove or clean stagnant water in bird baths, fountains, flower pots, or dips in the lawn. Mosquitoes can lay eggs in spaces no bigger than a bottle cap, so prepare accordingly. 

2. If water cannot be removed from a location, try installing bubblers or water pumps (for example in bird baths or decorative pools) to control breeding populations.

3. Keep your grass well-trimmed and trees cut back.

4. Prune bushes and shrubs away from the house. 

5. Gutters should be cleaned as often as possible to prevent leaves and other substances from creating a mosquito haven.

It’s important to note that many DIY methods for mosquito control are highly ineffective or counterproductive. Without first controlling mosquito breeding cycles with abatement programs, populations will only continue to grow.

Stay Clear With All Clear

No matter how thorough your methods, preventative techniques alone won’t eliminate mosquitoes entirely. With mosquitoes still on the prowl around your home, it can feel like the onset of fall can’t come quickly enough. To enjoy the last few weeks of summer, reach out to the pros at All Clear. We are Queen Creek’s local experts on all things pest. With our no-contract service options and free instant estimates, we make pest control quick, easy, and efficient for every kind of customer.

A strong mosquito control plan can be enacted, regardless of the time of year. If an abatement program is put in place by qualified professionals before mosquito-breeding months, we can guarantee that mosquito populations will be near zero during the summer season and beyond.

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