Are Queen Creek’s Crickets Keeping You Up At Night?

February 14, 2020

Have you ever been plagued by the incessant chirp of a cricket inside your home? Try as you might, once these insects find their way inside of your home, they’re difficult to find. There are two kinds of cricket that commonly get into Queen Creek homes. They are the camel cricket and the common house cricket. Of the two, common house crickets are the worst because they don’t sit silently in your basement; they move about your home and get into your walls where they can make chirping noises all night and keep you up.

What Do House Crickets Look Like?

A common house cricket is ⅞ to ¾ inches in length. It is a light yellow and brown color with three dark crossbands on its head. Its hind legs are thicker than its front two sets of legs, and it has two thread-like antennae that are longer than its body.  

What Causes House Crickets to Get Inside?

Crickets gravitate to areas that are high in moisture and filled with food options. If you have thick vegetation around your home, you’re likely to have trouble with crickets getting inside. Thick vegetation traps moisture, provides protection from the sun, and is filled with tasty insects for crickets to feed on. 
When crickets begin to dwell in the landscaping near your home, they are more likely to find their way inside your home through small entry points or simply through an open door or window.  
Lastly, house crickets are particularly active at night and are attracted to light. Therefore, exterior lights or even the light shining through your windows will draw them closer to your home.

Are Crickets Bad For The House?

Crickets can be destructive guests because they chew on fabrics, wallpaper, plants and carpets. This can put holes in your furniture, bedding, favorite outfits, curtains, ornamental plants, tapestries, and more. Thought they can cause damage to textiles, they don’t present a threat to your home itself. They are not wood-destroying pests, but like termites or carpenter ants, they are drawn to areas of high moisture and wood rot. Furthermore, they are quick to take advantage of holes created by the pests that damage homes. 

Are Crickets Dangerous?

You don’t have to be worried about being bitten by a house cricket, but they can be harmful in other ways. The excrement they leave behind in your home can cause you to develop a painful rash and sores on your skin when you come in contact with it. If you handle food after touching cricket feces, you could accidentally ingest harmful bacteria. This can lead to flu-like symptoms.

Quick Cricket Prevention

  • Keep your lawn mowed.

  • Move wood piles or wood debris away from your exterior walls.

  • Remove weeds and unnecessary vegetation from your landscaping.

  • Keep lights off at night where it is not a security concern or consider replacing white lights with insect-resistant yellow light bulbs.

  • Seal entry points in your exterior walls and foundation.

How Do You Get Rid of Crickets in the House?

House crickets prefer homes that are high in humidity. When you control the humidity in your home, you can drive these insects back outside. Therefore, it is necessary to control the humidity of your home by using dehumidifiers and fans. Pay particular attention to damp areas such as basements, crawl spaces, and attics. 
For the best control and quick elimination, it is best to reach out to a licensed pest control provider. Our team at All Clear Pest Control has the experience and expertise necessary to help you with any pest problem. We will help you locate the source of the problem by checking the perimeter of your home for possible entry points. Then, our licensed technicians use EPA approved products and eco-friendly pest control strategies to locate and eliminate these and other structure-infesting pests.
For more information about house crickets or to schedule pest control service for your Queen Creek home, connect with us through our contact page. The experienced and certified pest control professionals here at All Clear Pest Control are standing by to assist you with all of your pest control needs. We will find a solution that works for you.

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