Eight Tips To Preventing House Flies In Gilbert Arizona

October 15, 2021

House flies are one of the easiest insects to identify due to how common they are. An adult house fly ranges between 5-7 mm long. Typically house flies are dark gray in color but can also appear reddish, brown, yellow, or green. They are also easily identified by their large bulbous eyes. While these common house flies seem to be just annoying to have around, most people don’t realize how dangerous these home-invading flies can be for Gilbert, Arizona residents. 

A house fly up close.

The Dangers Of Having House Flies In Your Gilbert, Arizona Home

House flies are more than just a nuisance to have to buzz around your home. House flies can spread disease to humans when they land on you or your food. These annoying pests carry many human pathogens such as bacteria that cause food poisoning and even more severe illnesses like cholera and typhoid. 

House flies eat liquids, semi-liquids, or create their own liquids by regurgitating on the solid food source, breaking it down with their own digestive enzymes where they can then suck up their tasty meal.  House flies are attracted to disgusting food sources such as rotting garbage, feces, and decomposing organisms, but house flies will also make a meal of your food. Once a housefly makes its way into your home and lands on your bowl of fruit on the counter, you might ask yourself, “Where was this fly feasting before landing on my apple?”

How To Prevent House Fly Infestation In Your Gilbert, Arizona Home

The best way to prevent a house fly infestation in your home is to take a few simple precautions:

  • Keep doors and windows closed when not in use.
  • Always keep screens in your windows and doors.
  • Repair any rips or tears in your screens right away.
  • Inspect your home and foundation for other areas where house flies could get in. Check on areas where pipes and cables come into your home, make sure they are properly sealed.

Another way to help prevent house fly infestations is to stop the problem before it starts. House flies are attracted to food and disgusting outdoor elements. You can help deter flies from hanging around your home by doing the following:

  • Keep trash covered and away from your house. Be sure it is disposed of regularly.
  • Clean up after your pets. House flies will make a meal out of animal feces. It is best to dispose of the waste immediately to keep the flies away.
  • Do not leave food out. It’s tempting to leave the bowl of chips and pasta salad out at the family barbecue, but in doing so, it is an invitation to house flies to join your celebration.
  • Clean up the food immediately after everyone eats. 
  • Keep grilling areas clean.

What To Do If You Have A House Fly Problem In Your Gilbert Home

Despite taking precautions, sometimes an infestation of house flies can occur, and no matter what you do, it seems impossible to rid your home completely of these pests. When this happens, call All Clear Pest Control. Our professionals will come in and assess the situation and then decide on the right course of action for your home pest control needs. Remember that house flies are more than a nuisance; they can carry disease.

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