How Much Do You Really Know About Crazy Ants In San Tan Valley?

June 15, 2020

Ants are a common and varied pest for homeowners all over the country. But these insects that like it hot can absolutely thrive in Arizona’s climate. While there are other common home-invading ants, one of the most difficult to get rid of is the resilient crazy ant. Knowing more about these insects will put you a step ahead of prevention measures and early response to new colonies.

What Are Crazy Ants?

They aren’t clinically insane or anything like that. “Crazy” ants get their name from the erratic, zig-zag patterns in which they walk. While other ant species walk in lines or clear orders, crazy ants don’t appear to follow a pattern. There is a method to the madness, however, as these pests are capable foragers and navigators. This distinct trait alone can help you differentiate crazy ants from other invasive varieties, but here are some other traits to look for:

Color: Crazy ants can be black but are often reddish-brown in color.

Size: Crazy ants aren’t very big, even for ants, typically they are only a few millimeters in length.

Venom: While it is harmless to humans, crazy ant soldiers release a chemical compound in their bites that incapacitates other bugs.

What Harm Can They Cause?

While all kinds of ants — crazy ants included — can spread germs and contaminate food as they search for sustenance, crazy ants in particular pose specific dangers and problems for property owners. Here are some ways crazy ants can become more than mere nuisances:

Bites: While their bites are relatively harmless to humans and pets, crazy ants can and will bite if provoked.

Damage: When crazy ants die near electrical wiring or equipment, either from electrocution or overcrowding, they release a pheromone that signals other crazy ants to the area. This causes even more debris to build up and can result in short-circuiting or erosion of electrical wires and components.

Proliferation: Crazy ants can out-breed most other ant varieties, quickly numbering into the millions. Not only do they breed quickly, but they aren’t attracted to most ant baits that would reduce populations, making them especially difficult to get rid of.

Routine Pest Prevention

Because they can be so difficult to get rid of, it’s best to be preventative for crazy ant populations rather than have to eliminate infestations that have already formed. There are things that home and business owners can do to be ahead of the curve, but the best option is to partner with local pest professionals:

Crack sealing: Many kinds of insects can pass through cracks and holes with ease and ants are certainly capable. Frequently checking for these access points in your walls and foundation and making patches where necessary will reduce entrances for pests.

Deep cleaning: As with all ants, crazy ants will feed on crumbs and discarded food. But they also eat dead and live insects, meaning the presence of other insects can attract them inside. Curb all insect populations by keeping a tidy home, and especially cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Routine inspections: Rather than have to pay the pros for elimination, partner with pest experts for thorough inspections and preventative solutions in the first place.

Get The ‘All Clear’

With the damage that they can bring with them, crazy ant populations aren’t something you want to have to deal with on your own. Not only can our inspections provide more tips and tricks for prevention, but only professional solutions can quickly and effectively get rid of an ant colony if it’s already moved onto your property.

At the first sign of crazy ants, turn to All Clear Pest Control for fast, proven solutions.

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