How To Get Rid Of Scorpions On Your Queen Creek, AZ Property

June 27, 2021

Your Queen Creek property might seem like paradise, but scorpions could be keeping you from enjoying yourself. Whether you found one scorpion or multiple ones, you probably want to know how to get rid of these pests. Learn more about how to eliminate scorpions from your property.

Which Scorpions Might You Encounter?

As you may already know, there are several types of scorpions in Queen Creek. First, there’s the Arizona bark scorpion. This species is small, light-colored, and comes out at night. If this Queen Creek scorpion stings you, there will be pain as well as other symptoms. You could experience vomiting, numbness, and more.

Meanwhile, the Arizona stripetail scorpion is also in the area. It has dark horizontal stripes and a tan body. At full length, these scorpions measure about three inches long. The stripetail scorpion has a painful sting, but it isn’t particularly venomous.

The giant hairy scorpion is, as you might expect, large and hairy. With a total length of about five and a half inches, this scorpion can eat snakes, lizards, and other scorpions.

Make Your Property Less Appealing To Scorpions

If you’re hoping to avoid a painful scorpion sting, you should work to protect your property. And that means making your land and home less appealing to these pests. For starters, remove excess foliage. The more bushes and shrubs you have, the more hiding places scorpions and their prey will have.

Check your property for possible hiding places, like piles of logs, mulch, and stones. If you reduce potential hiding places, you might be able to deter scorpions. You should also move firewood piles far away from your home.

To keep scorpions outside, take extra measures to protect your home. Check for holes and cracks in your home’s exterior. Typically, caulking around windows wears down and gives scorpions an easy way to enter. You may need to recaulk to keep scorpions and their prey out. Inspect your screens for holes and rips, and replace them as needed.

General Pest Prevention Tips

Because scorpions eat other insects, general pest prevention is one way to make your home less appealing to scorpions. This means doing all of the following:

  • Proper Trash Storage: Instead of keeping your garbage in open containers, use cans with lids. When the garbage is too full to close, take it outside. Your outdoor cans should also have lids, or pests will be abundant.
  • Proper Food Storage: Your open food could be attracting ants and other pests into your home. If you don’t want scorpions near your property, you should practice proper food storage, which includes keeping your food in containers with lids.
  • Clean Regularly: By cleaning your home regularly, you make your property less of a target for pests. Sweep your floors, clean behind your refrigerator, and wipe out your cabinets. As soon as spills occur, clean them up. With less food available, pests won’t want to take up residence inside your home.

Working With A Professional For Scorpion Prevention

If you or a loved one experiences a sting from a scorpion, you could require medical attention. There’s a lot on the line, and you shouldn’t leave your safety up to chance. When you work with an experienced professional for your pest control, you can know that your home is safe.

Here at All Clear Pest Control, we know how much is at stake. We don’t cut corners, and we use the latest methods to keep scorpions and their prey away. With ongoing treatment, you can keep these dangerous pests away from you. To learn more, give us a call today. 

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