Keeping Ants Off Your Gilbert, AZ Property In The Summertime

June 14, 2019

As temperatures rise and the days grow longer, the season for ant infestations is only just beginning. Increasing ant activity is reliant on warm weather and sunny skies, and the fast-approaching summer season will soon see thousands of pests crawling through your property, looking for food and water. Lawns across the country will face ant invasions during the next several months.

During the winter, ants remain mostly inactive because of the cool temperatures. But by the time ant season returns, ants are hungry and looking for new stores of nutrients, perhaps straight from your kitchen. Ants sometimes enter homes in large numbers, and they are crafty pests. This makes them complicated insects to exterminate. Fortunately, there are several preventative actions you can take to help keep marauding ants off of your property and out of your home.

Patrol Your Home

Kitchens are the first point of attack for hungry ants. The following steps will make your home less attractive to ants:

  • Do your best to limit opened or unzipped containers of food, especially those containing high amounts of sugar, protein, or fat.

  • Keep things as dry as possible. Ants prefer moisture in their habitats.

  • Thoroughly wash and dry all dishes and utensils before returning them to their proper homes.

  • Keep your kitchen as crumb-free as possible. Sweep floors and clean counters that have food particles or stains. Any amount of food, no matter how small, can attract an ant infestation into your home.

  • Check your home for gaps or cracks. If cracks are present, caulk and seal over and around the area. Removing opportunities for ants to squeeze into your house is a strong method of defense against potential infestations.

  • Remove moisture. Moisture is a major draw for ant colonies. If your lawn is prone to water retention, there is a high chance that any current ant issue will worsen over the coming weeks. Substances that hold water, such as incorrectly stacked wood, leaf piles, and compost, should be removed or kept well away from your home.

  • Remove food sources. Ants spend hundreds of hours searching for potential food sources. Trash cans and waste containers should have tight-fitting lids. Fallen fruit and vegetables should be picked up. And food such as leftover barbeque and pet food should not be left outside.

  • Try essential oils. Certain oils such as orange, lemon, and peppermint have been proven to confuse or kill ants and destroy scent trails that lead them to food sources. Water and vinegar solutions are also helpful in interrupting ants’ scent process.

  • Remember, using sticks or other objects to bash in ant mounds do not remove ant infestations. This will only aggravate the ants and pose a risk for bites and allergic reactions.

Be All Clear

Ants are complex pests that often avoid detection until it’s too late. Without a trained eye or professional treatment, ant infestations can appear even with the best preventative measures. Using a licensed pest control company like All Clear is your best bet for long-term protection against ant invasions.

Our pest control experts offer exceptional and quality extermination methods you can trust, with over 60 years of total experience. After careful inspection, we provide both short and long-term solutions to safeguard your property from pests during the summer season and beyond. We won’t be satisfied until it’s All Clear. If you begin to notice the signs of an ant infestation in your Gilbert, Arizona home or business, contact us at All Clear right away!

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