Queen Creek’s Complete Guide To Black Widow Spiders

November 13, 2020

All insects and creatures are not created equal. Even within a particular species, there are several subgroups with important distinctions. The separations go beyond size and color. Splits can be found with habitat, lifespan, behavior, and eating patterns. The most critical factor to look at in terms of pest control is risks. While some pests will not harm humans, their close cousins could bring illness or even death. Case in point, spiders. Many types are relatively innocuous, but the black widow can be lethal.

Next to brown recluses, black widow spiders are the most dangerous in the United States. These arachnids are a major health hazard. Just one bite and you could end up in a Queen Creek emergency room. Understanding how to prevent them with assistance from All Clear Pest Control could just save your life.

What Do Black Widow Spiders Look Like? What Are The Hazards?

As you might figure, black widow spiders are black. Size-wise, they vary from 0.12 to 0.39 of an inch long. However, the females can reach 0.51 of an inch in length. Their skin is very sleek and marked with a red hourglass shape on the abdomen.

Black widows prefer to live in natural settings, breeding, nesting, and making webs in organic debris. Areas that are woody and/or have high grass are over-run with these critters. This doesn’t mean they’ll never come indoors though. If the climate becomes too harsh or they can’t find food, your home or business is the first place they’ll go. These spiders will creep through gaps around windows, doors, and foundations. Then, they’ll settle in a dark spot with low activity. Closets, garages, and basements are examples of favorite black widow hiding spots. Considering that black widows consume insects like ants, grasshoppers, and flies, finding black widows in your home may indicate a pest issue in general.

If you see a black widow while the sun is up, you have an infestation. These bugs are nocturnal and usually don’t come out in daylight. Finding their disheveled webs is another clue. You’ll probably discover their mesh messes in covered and ground-level spaces, such as on furniture or firewood. Black widows rarely bite, but they will if they’re frightened. If bitten, a red, swollen bump will appear on your skin. You’ll need to seek medical attention right away because their venom can trigger the following:

  • Heightened heart rate and blood pressure 

  • Muscle and body pain

  • Breathing hardship

  • Neurotoxin exposure

  • Nervous system complications

  • Skin inflammation or lesions

  • Fever

  • Nauseousness

  • Tremors

Children and elderly individuals will likely have more intense reactions to black widow bites. Those who have heart conditions or fragile immune systems could also have increased difficulties.

How Can You Prevent Black Widow Spiders?

Do these things to make your property a less ideal location for black widow spiders:

  • Patch up holes around windows, doors, and foundations.

  • Fix leaks and moisture issues.

  • Start using a dehumidifier.

  • Keep clutter to a minimum.

  • Move firewood, logs, and greenery at least two feet from exterior doors.

  • Examine wood and items from storage before bringing them indoors.

  • Call All Clear Pest Control if you have other critter problems that may be attracting black widows.

What Can All Clear Pest Control Do About Black Widow Spiders?

We at All Clear Pest Control offer a wide selection of affordable services, that include guarantees, recurring visits, and specialty care. Our trained technicians will utilize safe and targeted treatments fashioned to exterminate black widows. We’ve helped countless property owners over the last ten years and look forward to supporting you next. Avoid spider bites and stay out of the hospital! A free inspection awaits when you call today!

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