San Tan Valley’s Earwig Problem

March 15, 2022

If you have spent any amount of time outdoors you have probably seen an earwig. This pest can be terrifying to look at and is known for being problematic both indoors and outside. Here in San Tan Valley, many homeowners have to deal with these pests. If you are looking to learn more about the “earwig bug” and the problems it causes in and around San Tan Valley homes, here are some things to consider today:

What Do Earwigs In San Tan Valley Look Like?

If you have never seen an earwig and you are wondering: what does an earwig look like? they are fairly easy to identify. An adult earwig is one inch long, dark brown, and has two bent antennae, six yellow legs, and a large pincher at its rear. You are most likely to find earwigs around moist secluded areas like under rocks, in mulch, and around gardens. 

What Attracts Earwigs To San Tan Valley Homes?

Earwigs are mostly garden pests that feed on plant growth. They will, however, come inside from time to time. Where do earwigs come from? Well, they usually start outdoors around gardens and mulched areas. If the weather is particularly cold, hot, or dry, these pests will look to homes as places to find shelter. To get indoors, earwig bugs look for gaps, cracks, and other openings in foundational blocks, around windows and doors, and in other places where damage can be found. Once indoors, these pests will gravitate toward moist areas like basements, laundry rooms, and potted plants. If they are able to find something to eat, such as a house plant, they will stay indoors for as long as they can.

Five Myths About Earwigs 

Earwigs are often misunderstood pests. They are terrifying to look at, but does this mean they are actually dangerous? Here are five myths you should know about earwigs and the truth behind each.

Myth ONE: Earwigs are incredibly dangerous and will hurt you if given the chance.

Truth: Earwigs are fairly harmless and do not go out of their way to hurt people. They can pinch you with their pinchers if they feel threatened but they are not venomous or harmful in any serious way. An earwig pinch is a bit painful and may break through the skin.

Myth TWO: Earwigs crawl into people’s ears and lay eggs inside their brains.

Truth: An earwig likely will only crawl into your ear if you put it there, and it is impossible for an earwig to crawl into a person’s brain. 

Myth THREE: Earwigs only eat plants.

Truth: Earwigs are omnivores and will eat plants as well as smaller insects. Inside homes, these pests will feed on other pests they can find and catch.

Myth FOUR: Earwigs cannot fly.

Truth: Earwigs have wings and can use them to glide and jump small distances.

Myth FIVE: Earwigs only crawl into homes.

Truth: Earwigs are regularly carried into homes by people carrying infested items like boxes and bags.

How To Keep Your San Tan Valley Home Earwig Free

If you are worried about earwigs and earwig eggs inside your San Tan Valley home, you should consider investing in quality pest control services courtesy of All Clear Pest Control. Our team of licensed and highly-trained technicians understands what attracts earwigs and how to get rid of earwigs if they invade. We will use a top-of-the-line earwig killer to effectively remove these pests from your living areas and then set up a defensive barrier to keep future earwigs at bay.

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