Striped Bark Scorpions In San Tan Valley, AZ: How To Keep Them Out

December 30, 2021

People usually fear scorpions, and it’s with good reason. For one, they can be pretty large. For two, their claws can be just as significant. Getting pinched by one is possible. For three, they have venom in their stingers. This makes them potentially dangerous, especially for specific human populations. While many Americans will never face these arachnids, those in San Tan Valley might. Home and business owners need to prepare for their likely intrusions. Not only are the pests local, but they also tend to surface amidst dry weather.

It is wise to learn more about scorpion species central to San Tan Valley. With these details, you’ll know how these critters operate and how they get indoors. Then, you’ll be able to assess the hazards and create a solid deterrence plan. All Clear Pest Control can be of assistance, particularly if you’re already having issues with scorpions.

What Scorpions Are Common In San Tan Valley? What Are The Risks?

Striped bark scorpions are very prevalent in the region. Their tan or yellow bodies have black stripes along the abdomen. At the front of their figures are two huge pincer claws, as a stinger sits at the back of their curved tails. They get around on eight legs. If you see these nocturnal pests in broad daylight, there’s an infestation. You may come across them near shady areas because they prefer darkness. Reptiles, insects, rodents, and similar make up their diet. Water is the most pivotal part of their consumption; they can be without food for months.

Beneath wood, rocks, and organic debris is where striped bark scorpions usually settle. They are genuinely outdoor critters, but they’ll journey indoors if there’s not much food or water. Unpleasant weather can also lead to an invasion. In regard to entry points, openings in utilities, windows, doors, and foundations will be utilized by the pests. Scorpions are typically seen in:

  • Shoes
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Bathrooms
  • Underneath Cabinets

Pain is inevitable with striped bark scorpion stings, but not fatalities. Deaths rarely occur. The expectation is to have localized itching, swelling, and numbness as symptoms. Your age and personal health history will determine if you experience further problems. Kids, the elderly, and those with venom allergies or pre-existing conditions are prone to breathing difficulties and vomiting. In any case, seek medical attention right away if a scorpion pricks you.

How Can You Prevent San Tan Valley Scorpions?

Preventative measures for scorpions center around lawn care and interior maintenance. You’ll need to be intricate and consistent with both. Do the following:

  • Inspect outdoor furniture, storage items, and wood before bringing it indoors.
  • Make sure leaks and moisture glitches are repaired immediately.  
  • Use a dehumidifier or turn on the air conditioner to keep interior warmth leveled.  
  • Mow the grass and trim the greenery regularly.
  • Get debris off of the lawn. Sit wood, plants, and rocks two feet away from the property.  
  • Lessen standing water by drying pet drinking bowls and draining swimming areas.  
  • Close up gaps in window frames, screens, doors, foundations, and utility lines.  
  • Contact All Clear Pest Control if you have critters scorpions munch on.

What Can All Clear Pest Control Do About Scorpions?

You won’t have much luck if you depend on retail pesticides to deal with scorpions. These products aren’t strong enough to eliminate an infestation. However, they still can be highly toxic. For a powerful home pest control solution that’s safe and eco-friendly, reach out to us at All Clear Pest Control. Our experienced technicians will employ specialized industrial-grade treatments such as dusts, baits, de-webbing, and more. When you call today, you’ll be offered a free estimate!

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