Termite Season Is About To Start In San Tan Valley, Are You Ready?

March 13, 2020

Is there an invisible menace causing irreparable damage to your home? Far too many homes are under siege from thousands of undetected termites. So much so that this week marks the start of termite season with termite awareness week.

Termites live in colonies in our homes, often going undetected for months or even years. In the US alone these pests create five billion dollars a year in property damage. Sadly, this damage is often deemed a preventable expense and not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Take steps to protect your home against the threat of termites by making All Clear Pest Control your “termite insurance”. Our trusted termite control experts in  eliminate existing colonies and prevent against further invasions. Act now before invisible damage gives way to costly repairs.       

Prevent, Avoid, Deter

As with any infestation, avoiding it in the first place has the most preferable outcome. To make your home less appealing to termites try the following strategies:

  • Remove all wooden debris from the vicinity of the building.

  • Replace wooden posts, steps, trellises that contact soil with non-cellulose materials or pressure treated wood.

  • Replace damaged timbers.

  • Ensure adequate drainage in basements, cellars and crawl spaces.

  • Fill visible cracks in foundations with concrete or caulking.

  • Reduce soil moisture near buildings by redirecting runoff.

Signs of Invasion

Termites travel from underground into walls and are seldom found in the open. The likelihood of discovering an infestation is incredibly small. Yet, as the population grows, the rate of damage accelerates. Termite colonies weaken the structural integrity of homes and create hazardous living conditions.
If termites have invaded your home, swarms may be detectable in late winter and early spring. Winged termites (also known as reproductives or alates) are most commonly spotted at this stage, typically near doors and windows. Pairs of mating termites will attempt to locate moist wood that is coming in contact with soil to start new colonies. The presence of swarming termites is a sure sign your home is under attack.
Other, less obvious, indicators are runways or passages coated with earth-like material glued to wood. These termite tubes create runways from the earth to the wood that termites eat. They also provide swarming exits for winged termites. Check for tubes on cellar walls, wooden posts, wall studs, and trim. Be sure to check around furnaces, chimneys, water heaters, hot water pipes, or other areas that provide warmth during cold months.
If an infestation has been ongoing, the wood may be largely hollowed out and rotten in appearance. The extent of damage to structural timbers and woodwork can be determined by careful inspection. You may choose to make this inspection yourself, though it is recommended to enlist a licensed pest control operator. A professional individual with experience detecting termite infestations will be able to identify infestations that many people would overlook.

Make the Invisible Visible

All Clear Pest Control offers a non-invasive termite detection option specifically designed for pest control. This service uses radar, moisture and thermal sensors to locate, identify and track termite activity.   

Put All Clear In Your Corner

Don’t wait for damage to get out of hand. Contact the professionals at All Clear Pest Control at the first sign of termite activity. Our operators are certified to apply and maintain both Termidor and Altriset liquid termite treatments. These barrier products are undetectable to invading termites allowing them to be transmitted through the entire colony. Barriers last for years, protecting your home from the threat of future invasions.
Our service warranties range from one to five years and are both renewable and transferable. Our goal is to ensure your property remains termite-free for years to come. We have over a decade of experience and take pride in providing the services needed to protect homes and businesses- not just during termite awareness week, but year-round. Insure your East Valley property from termite damage with the best services available by reaching out to All Clear Pest Control today. We will create a tailored approach to meet your needs with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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