The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Gilbert, AZ Property

July 30, 2021

Nothing is overtly menacing about a tiny creature crawling along your bathroom counter. While ants may not be the most intimidating pest in Gilbert, AZ they're one of the most difficult to get rid of. Learn what it takes to eliminate these common pests and how All Clear Pest Control can be the answer.

up close image of argentine ants crawling on pieces of wood

Understanding The Problem

Before you can get rid of ants, you should know what's really going on in your home or business. What type of ants are taking over, and why are they there?

One common local ant species is the Argentine Ant. These ants usually hang out in moist areas and travel in long lines. Although they don't bite or sting, they do tend to take over at a rapid rate. If you have food available in your pantry, these Gilbert ants will contaminate your stores.

Carpenter Ants are another local pest. As they build their nests in your wood beams and furniture, they cause damage. Although they don't ingest wood like termites, carpenter ants still have the potential to damage your building. They excavate a maze of tunnels and weaken your wood. As they search for food, carpenter ants look for sweets, dead insects, and protein.

If you have ants that seem to rush around in a confused manner, you have crazy ants. They bite but don't sting and aren't much of a threat to your health, unlike fire ants. But they do pose a health hazard through food contamination and invade in large numbers.

What Makes Ants Hard To Eliminate

Each type of ant in Gilbert has unique behavior and appearance. However, each one of the ants shares one common trait. All of the local ants are hard to prevent and deter. Once you have a problem with ants, it’s time to call in the professionals. There are a few reasons ants tend to stick around.

1. There's the large colony size. Most ants reproduce quickly and take over at a rapid rate. You won't only have one or two ants around; you'll have hundreds. Depending on the species of ant, a colony could extend on for miles.

2. Their small size. If you want to eliminate ants from your property, you need to get rid of every ant. But, because ants are so tiny, you probably can't find them all. They could be hiding in unsuspecting places and getting in through tiny openings in your wall.

Although most home and business owners try to handle any infestations on their own, they usually fail. Over-the-counter (OTC) ant sprays and traps just don't cut it. In some cases, the products are harmful to your health. At the very least, they won't eliminate every ant from your property.

What Does Work To Keep Ants Away

Taking certain steps, like sealing up your garbage, can keep more ants from entering your property. The same is true of the following:

  • Reducing moisture in your building
  • Secure the food in your pantry
  • Maintaining a debris-free yard
  • Fixing water leaks in your yard
  • Replacing moist wood with dry wood
  • Sealing up all cracks and crevices in your building

But those steps alone aren't enough to keep ants from persisting. As hard as you might try, ants can still find ways inside. The only truly effective form of ant prevention and elimination is to work with an experienced professional.

Here at All Clear Pest Control, we have an ant control program that is customized for your property. We make sure ants won't come inside and that any invaders are eliminated. Our trained technicians have all the resources needed to protect your property from ants. For ongoing assistance that truly works, give us a call today at All Clear Pest Control. 

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