The Magic Formula To Keeping Ants Out Of Your Queen Creek Home

August 14, 2020

While there are many pests you might encounter in your Queen Creek home, ants are one of the most common. These household pests might not seem like a problem at first, but their numbers can quickly grow and they can seem to take over your home. The risks associated with ant infestations vary greatly depending on the species. While some ants are mostly just a nuisance, others can pose health risks or cause property damage. However, regardless of the species, ants aren’t a welcome house guest as they can all contaminate food and be a stressful problem.

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There are a few different kinds of ants that are common in the area and some are more of a concern than others. Here are the most often found species in Queen Creek and how to tell them apart:

Argentine Ants

This species doesn’t bite or sting, but they do have huge colonies that are hard to get rid of. They are light to dark brown, and their antennae have 12 distinct segments.

Carpenter Ants

This species is one of the most invasive as they tunnel through wood to create nests and it can cause property owners a lot of money to repair these damages. They are best identified by their reddish-brown color and their heart-shaped heads.

Crazy Ants

This species gets its name because they will run around erratically when disturbed. They are invasive because they will eat many things found in homes, and they may sometimes bite. They are dark brown to black and have very thin legs.

Fire Ants

These ants are rather small and can be black or red. While usually found outdoors, these ants are mainly a problem because of their painful stings. In rare cases, these stings can cause severe allergic reactions and other health issues.

Odorous House Ants

This species doesn’t sting or bite, so the main concern with odorous house ants is that they often invade homes as they look for things to eat. They are dark brown with an unevenly shaped thorax, and they get their name because of the smell of rotten coconuts they emit when crushed.

Regardless of the species, the best way to keep ants from becoming a problem is to focus on prevention.

Getting Started With Ant Prevention

While different ant species pose different risks, all ants can become invasive and contaminate both human and pet food. Because of this, the best way to get started with preventing ants is to focus on cleaning and making it harder for ants to get into your food.

Here are some of the best ways to keep ants from getting into your food:

  • Focus on deep cleaning your home especially if this hasn’t been done in a while.

  • In the kitchen, wipe out cupboards and drawers.

  • Make sure to clean under appliances and furniture.

  • Store pet food in airtight containers.

  • Make sure that food is stored in sealed bags and containers with lids.

  • Sweep and vacuum regularly.

  • Clean up any food spills right away.

By following these steps to keep your home clean, you can prevent ants by making it harder for them to identify and access food sources.

How To Keep Ants From Coming Inside

While storing food and cleaning often are the first steps to preventing ants, it’s also important to focus on entry points. So, the next step in preventing ant infestations is to seal off common places that ants use to get indoors.

Here are the best ways to keep ants from coming inside in the first place:

  • Install door sweeps.

  • Place weather-stripping on doors and windows.

  • Check screens for any holes or tears.

  • Seal up any cracks in the home’s foundation.

  • Look for and seal any holes in walls.

The Best Way To Prevent Ant Infestations

While there are many things you can and should do to help keep ants from coming into your Queen Creek home, the most effective method of ant prevention is to contact the Queen Creek pest control experts at All Clear Pest Control. Our technicians have over a decade of experience and are here to provide assistance with ant prevention and control. If you’ve already noticed ants in your home, give us a call today to schedule our prompt, effective pest control services.

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