The Mosquitoes Are Still Biting In Phoenix

October 16, 2019

Scratching, itching, redness, bumps, irritating, slapping, frustrating. When you hear these words, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you spend any amount of time outdoors, these words are likely to remind you of a well-known pest, known as the mosquito. After slapping our way through spring, and swatting our way through summer, it is only natural for us to want a break from these bothersome pests. The only problem is these pests may not be going away as early as we would like them to.

Facts About Mosquitoes

Only female mosquitoes bite.

It’s true. Only female mosquitoes have the body parts needed to pierce our skin and draw out blood. The reason for this is that for them to make eggs and reproduce, they need blood, and most often they make us their host.

Mosquitoes don’t eat blood.

As we just established, mosquitoes need our blood for egg production. They do not, however, require our blood for food. All a mosquito needs to satiate their food needs is the sugary substances they find in the nectar of flowers.

Mosquitoes inject a numbing agent while they bite you.

They do this so that by the time you feel that initial sting, they are already almost done and ready to fly away. In fact, in some cases, mosquitoes can feed for over a minute without being perceived.

Are You More Attractive To Mosquitoes?

Did you know that you can be more attractive to mosquitoes than another person? You may have already noticed that mosquitoes seem to gravitate towards you more than the rest of your friends. Here are a few reasons that this might be the case

  • You may wear darker colored clothing.

  • You may sweat more than your friends.

  • Your body may produce more lactic acid than others.

  • Your body may produce more lactic acid than others.

  • You may have a blood type that mosquitoes prefer.

Where Mosquitoes Come From & Why They Aren’t Leaving Soon

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water on our properties during the year. As the weather warms and becomes more humid during the summer, mosquito populations grow. It is only when the temperature drops below 50 degrees that mosquitoes start slowing down and dying off. The only problem is that here in Phoenix, the temperatures rarely drop below 50 degrees, even during the winter, meaning that mosquitoes are a year-round pest.

How All Clear Can Help With Mosquitoes

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