What San Tan Valley Property Owners Ought To Know About Mosquito Control

June 30, 2020

They buzz and fly in your face. They land everywhere. They can bring with them some nasty diseases. We’re talking, of course, about mosquitoes. Everyone in Arizona knows the plight of having these constant flying bugs about in our warm climate, and it’s important to bear some information in mind when it comes to mosquito prevention.

How To Spot A Mosquito

Mosquitoes are some of the most common and pervasive pests in the world. They’ve been plaguing humanity for thousands of years and are able to thrive or migrate to a variety of environments. Knowing how to spot them, and what behavior they exhibit, is the first step for mosquito control:

Size: Mosquitoes can vary in size depending on location, climate, and access to food sources. Their long bodies and similarly long noses can grow up to over an inch long. Add to that their long, trailing legs and wings and mosquitoes can be quite large, menacing flying bugs.

Color: Mosquitoes are typically tan or brownish in color and can have patterned coloration on their backs. Their hairy legs and antennae can appear sheer, especially in the light.

Food: Mosquitoes are parasitic insects, feasting on the blood of animals to get their nutrients. This trait makes them legendary transmitters of diseases.

Mosquitoes: One Of The Deadliest Pests

We may not think of small bugs when we think of the world’s dangerous animals, but mosquitoes are far more deadly than most of the world’s dangerous species. While their bites are more itchy than painful, it’s the hidden risks of mosquito bites that carry the real danger. Because they can so quickly and easily transmit diseases through their bites, mosquitoes have been responsible for the deaths of millions throughout history.

Mosquitoes are known to carry and spread deadly diseases like malaria, ebola, and West Nile virus. They can also transmit parasites and carry diseases from one pest population to the next, turning a rodent problem into a health crisis. Because they feed on blood, mosquitoes can also quicken the spread of other types of deadly communicable diseases, like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.

Mosquito Control For Property Owners

Because they are so invasive and common, all homeowners should know what they can do to reduce the factors that attract them to properties. Take the following steps and bear in mind some key concepts when pursuing proper mosquito prevention:

Water: Lawns or properties with standing water, be it puddles or a proper pond or creek, are naturally more attractive to mosquitoes that like humid and moist areas. Open areas of water are also perfect breeding spots for mosquitoes.

Vegetation: Mosquitoes rest by landing on vegetation, so long grasses or overgrown shrubs and trees can provide plenty of areas for mosquitoes to lie in wait for a chance to feed.

Professional solutions: Routine inspections and treatments from local professionals will provide peace of mind that mosquitoes won’t invade your property. Rather than waste time and money on unproven methods, professional mosquito control is the safest option.

Mosquito Control = All Clear

With so many unproven DIY methods floating around the internet, it can be hard to know what proper, effective mosquito control really looks like. Luckily, you have experts you can turn to at All Clear Pest Control. Our trained technicians can provide you with more prevention tips and information on what to watch out for. Our thorough inspections will seek out all the things that might be attracting pests to your property. If mosquitoes are already a nuisance, our proven solutions will eliminate the large majority of them and keep them gone.

Don’t risk exposure to the harmful risks that come with mosquitoes, turn to All Clear Pest Control at the first sign.

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