Who Else In Gilbert Wants A Weed-Free Lawn Without The Hassle? 

July 14, 2020

Often the first step down on a long spiral staircase, the emergence of weeds on your Gilbert lawn is a sobering affair. Thanks to our warm climate and dry soils, weeds are in abundance here in Arizona state. Some of the most common types of lawn weeds you may find spreading through your front or backyard are:

  • Bermuda grass 

  • Sweet Clover 

  • Lambsquarters 

  • Purslane 

  • Pigweed

They may not seem like it at first, but these weeds pose enormous threats to the health of your lawn. If certain varieties are allowed to grow unchecked, you may wake up one morning to a lawn full of dirt and spindly weeds! Weeds often arrive in the lawn due to a variety of reasons, many of which are simply uncontrollable. They may arrive via:

  • Animal or pest droppings 

  • Erosion 

  • Heavy rains 

  • Creepers/vine growth 

  • High winds 

  • Introduction of new dirt or soil 

  • Pets

No matter how much effort you put into maintaining your lawn, chances are that you will acquire one of the common weed types by one of the above transmission means. However, getting a weed outbreak in your lawn is not necessarily a sign of neglect, but a clear depiction of the ever-evolving needs your grass requires.

Preventing Weed Accumulation In Your Gilbert Lawn

Weed prevention must be a year-round affair if it is to be effective. Some of the best weed control measures homeowners can take right now are:

  • Remaining mindful of water levels. Overwatering the lawn allows weeds to grow deeper, more effective roots.

  • Being careful of accidental germination by nipping weeds ‘in the bud.’ Do not allow a weed plant to go to seed, or to mature to an age where seed or tuber growth is possible. 

  • Fertilizing your lawn well and often. Weeds prefer poorer soils, and will not thrive in yards with ample nutrition. The nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus requirements of your lawn will depend on the type of grass and shade levels of the yard. It’s a good idea to have your soil tested once every three years to keep a clear picture of fertilization and liming needs. 

  • Try hand-pulling any weeds that appear to be in short number, especially during the beginning of the growing season. Fewer weeds today mean fewer weeds tomorrow, and the removal of potential seed vectors is invaluable for a lawn. 

  • Try not to mow your lawn too closely to the ground. When weeds receive a higher amount of moisture and sunlight, they will often take root and take over any grass in that area. However, choosing to mow your grass higher and more frequently may discourage unwanted growth.

Precautionary methods are an excellent means of weed protection, but what’s a homeowner to do when these rambunctious plants begin to take over the lawn anyway?

All Clear’s Weed Control Program: Better For Everyone!

To cut down on pesky year-round weeds, and to remove the ongoing stress of DIY efforts, All Clear’s Weed Control program fills a ‘growing’ need for Gilbert lawns big or small.

  • Weed control services range from one-time to ongoing plans, serving your needs in the best possible way 

  • A combination of both post- and pre-emergent weed treatments will be applied to your lawn during critical time periods. 

  • No inspection, evaluation, or wait time is needed when scheduling a weed removal visit through All Clear Pest Control. Our helpful agents will provide a quote over the phone or through the online application and will schedule a visit to the home at your earliest convenience.

Ready to see firsthand how this extraordinary Weed Control Program will doctor up your lawn? Contact the professionals at All Clear Pest Control now to get started. Our service agents are available by phone at your nearest Gilbert branch or virtually by using our helpful online contact form. Wipe out the weeds with All Clear Pest Control today for a brighter, greener lawn tomorrow!

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