Why Professional Service For Bees And Wasps In Arizona Is Worth The Investment   

July 15, 2019

Bees and wasps are active nearly year-round in Arizona. Most homeowners don’t want bees and wasps around their property. For some people, these stinging insects are nothing more than a nuisance. They buzz your family picnics or make nests in inconvenient areas. For others, they can be a deadly predator. Many people are allergic to stinging insects’ venom and can have severe anaphylactic reactions. Professional service to get rid of bees and wasps on your Arizona property is worth the investment to keep your home and family safe from these unwanted pests.

DIY Bee & Wasp Treatments

When we see bees and wasps setting up shop on our property, our first instinct is usually to do whatever it takes to get rid of them; that means grabbing a can of bee spray or trying to burn the nest. Both methods are dangerous to you as a homeowner but may be harmful to the environment or to the bees, as well.

Honey bees are vital to our ecosystem and it’s hard to tell the difference between many stinging insect species. You may accidentally destroy a hive of honey bees while trying to remove these nuisance pests from your home. It’s best to consult a professional for any type of bee and wasp removal.

Professional Service For Stinging Insects

Professional pest control experts have the training and knowledge to remove or rid your home of stinging insects safely. They can identify the species and recommend the best method to deal with it. If a nest or swarm of honey bees is what is plaguing your property, it can be relocated as to not harm the bees. If nuisance pests like wasps or carpenter bees are the problem, professionals can provide safe solutions.

Why Choose All Clear Pest Control For Stinging Insect Removal

At All Clear, we believe there are eco-friendly ways to help remediate stinging insect problems. We can guide you through ways to make your Arizona property less inviting to bees and wasps. We believe in methods such as landscape modification, exterior care for your home, and proper lawn care. When we use chemicals, we follow EPA guidelines to ensure that we use the minimum amount possible to be effective. Please contact us for a free estimate if stinging insects are a problem around your Arizona home.

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