Why Queen Creek Residents Shouldn’t Try To Handle Termite Problems On Their Own

February 28, 2020

Many problems in life can be solved with a little bit of grit and a google search or two. Say you pop a tire. You can look up how to change it, and with a little effort and the right tools, you’ll  have the flat one off and a new one on within a few hours. This concept can be applied to many other facets: cooking, crafting, and even music. The one thing it doesn’t work for, however, is termite problems. Termites aren’t a problem you can solve with google and a bit of effort. Here’s why.

Identifying A Termite Infestation

Just spotting termites in your home is a near-impossible task. You may be able to find some of the signs they leave behind, but actually finding a live termite will be unlikely. This is because termites live deep underground and within structures of wood. Too much time out in the open is deadly for this pest. Specifically, their skin dries out making it difficult for them to survive. The only termites you will ever see are termite swarmers, and even these are often mistaken for white-winged ants.
To spot a termite infestation in your home, here are some things you can look for:

  • Mud tubes crawling up your exterior foundation

  • Frass (termite droppings) sticking to walls around pin-sized holes or on the floor at their base

  • Bubbling wallpaper

  • Dipping ceilings

  • Buckling beams or walls

  • Visible tunnels running through wood

  • Termite swarmers and/or discarded wings on window sills.

As you may guess, many of these signs will only show up after years of termite damage. Our goal is to help you identify termites long before these things happen. To do this, let All Clear Pest Control come and inspect your property for you. With top of the line equipment, we can spot termite infestations early so you can stop them before they get out of hand.

Why DIY Isn’t The Way To Go

Finding the right method to deal with termites is like finding a needle in a haystack. With several species of termites threatening homes in the area, finding the solution to your individual problem can be hit or miss. Plus, many suggested online treatments for termites are made with dangerous chemicals. If used improperly, you could put your family and pets at risk. At the end of the day, DIY is just not worth the money, stress, and risk. You need a permanent, safe, and professional solution that will solve your problem.

How To Make Your Home Less Attractive To Termites

If your home does not already have a termite infestation, there are some things you can do to make it less attractive to them. Begin by repairing damaged wood and creating a barrier between exterior soil and the structural wood of your home. Also, consider clearing your yard of natural debris and storing firewood at least 30 feet from your home’s exterior. As long as you keep the wood of your home healthy, dry, and free of rot, termites will have less of an incentive to invade.

How To Kill and Keep Termites Away

There is only one reliable way to kill and keep termites off your property, and it comes with professional pest control. At All Clear Pest Control, we are adept in exterminating and keeping termites out of your home or business. We have years of experience and the licensed professionals necessary to keep these pests from destroying your property.  If your Queen Creek home is in need of protection, we will work with your unique situation to come up with a solution that works for you.
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