Why Spiders Come Into Your Gilbert Home

April 30, 2020

There are many reasons a spider may decide to enter a home in Gilbert, Arizona. Some are obvious. Some are not so obvious. Let’s examine three of the reasons spiders will get into your home, and more importantly, what you can do to keep them out.

1. Because They Can

Spiders don’t know that your home contains food or water resources. When they first get in, it is simply because they can. If you have gaps, cracks, or holes in your exterior, spiders will take advantage of them to enter your home and explore the interior. You can prevent this by doing a detailed inspection and sealing any potential entry points. It also helps to trim tree branches that touch your roof. While spiders can scale the outside of your home, they typically use tree branches to get to entry points in your roofline or on your roof.

2. Because You Invited Them

Before spiders get into your home, they have a reason to come near. There are many things that attract spiders. Here are the most significant attractants for spiders:

  • Open trash attracts flying insects and spiders come into your yard to catch those insects and eat them.

  • Exterior lights attract flying insects that spiders like to eat.

  • Moisture attracts bugs and spiders eat bugs.

  • Standing water increases the moisture that attracts bugs, and it also provides a drink for spiders.

  • Extra plants provide extra food for insects that draw sap from plants or that eat nectar and pollen. An increase in insect populations will increase your spider population.

  • Spiders hide in log piles, construction materials, brush piles, etc.

  • Spiders hide in the voids of objects left out in the yard.

3. Spiders Are Reproducing Near Your Home

Do you routinely find spider webs on the outside of your home? If you do, it is important that you know how those webs can impact the number of spiders that will get into your home. Many spiders spin a silk egg sac inside their webs. These egg sacs can have more than a hundred eggs in them. If those eggs hatch near your home, you can have hundreds of tiny spiderling crawling around on your exterior walls. Inevitably, some of those little spiders will find a way in.

Not All Spiders Are Created Equal

We have several spider species that get into homes in Gilbert. All of them have fangs and all of them have venom. Fortunately, most are not considered a medical threat. Many of the spiders that get into our homes will cause a minor bite that itches or causes localized pain in the area of the bite wound. We only have two spiders in our region that can present a serious threat to you and your family. Black widow spiders have a venom that is strong enough to send you to the hospital, and brown recluse spiders have a venom that can cause necrosis. If either of these spiders finds a way into your home, they can present a medical threat.

What You Can Do About Spiders In Gilbert, Arizona

If spiders are a concern for you, we recommend investing in residential pest control. There are far greater threats in our area than spiders. When you have ongoing pest protection around your home, you get coverage for a wide range of pests that can harm your health and damage your property. If you’re new to the area and you’re not familiar with these pest threats, we’d be happy to discuss the common pest pressures we experience here. Reach out to All Clear Pest Control today and schedule to meet with one of our licensed professionals. We’re standing by to assist you with this important protection.

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