Eliminate pesticides from being used in your homes by determining exterior sources for pest problems. Trimming your lawn, not over-watering, can ensure that the pest problems are solved without using any sprays or chemicals.

Scorpions can be removed or eliminated by taking away their source of food. Once treatment is made to remove their food source, the scorpions no longer have an incentive in being in the area.

Landscaping modifications can prevent moisture from entering into the foundation of your home.

“Pest Control is more than spraying chemicals. We take into consideration why the pest is there in the first place. Scorpions don’t invade a property just to upset the home owners. They have basic needs that they are trying to take care of. By taking away what they are looking for, you avoid them coming onto your property. This need may be their source of food or shelter. Ensuring that you aren’t over watering your plants and keeping your lawn well maintained removes shelter for many pests that end up entering a home. We are eco-friendly by all together avoiding the use of products that aren’t required in order to solve a problem.”

Darren Hunsaker, Owner of All Clear Pest Control.