Field Crickets

What are field crickets?

Field crickets are usually black, brown, or "straw" color and have stout bodies. They have large back legs and are powerful jumpers. Adults' wings lay flat against their backs and are bent downward on their sides. Despite being winged, not all field crickets are capable of flight. They also have thin antennae that are longer than their body. Field crickets use their wings to create their distinctive "chirping" sound. Males make the loudest and most noticeable sounds. 
a field cricket crawling on the ground in san tan valley arizona

Are field crickets dangerous?

Field crickets are an agricultural pest feeding on and damaging a variety of grasses and crops, including alfalfa, wheat, oats, rye, and many vegetables. Crickets are typically considered to be nuisance pests when living inside homes and other buildings. They are not known to cause any health risks to people, and they do not bite or sting. Crickets can, however, damage personal belongings. Crickets chew holes in curtains, upholstered furniture, clothing, wallpaper, and some smaller-sized houseplants. In addition to the damage, crickets may cause, their incessant chirping can become annoying.

Why do I have a field cricket problem?

Field crickets prefer to live outside, hiding in dark, damp places. If the weather outside becomes too hot or dry for them to live comfortably, field crickets may move indoors. They also tend to move indoors during the slightly cooler winter months. They travel inside underneath doors (especially basement doors), through cracks in a home's foundation, and spaces around windows and doors.

Where will I find field crickets?

If field crickets live on your property, they will take up residence underneath rotting logs, fallen trees, stones, mulch, piles of wood, and landscaping ties. Field crickets that have moved inside usually reside inside basements, crawlspaces, laundry rooms, and underneath sinks.

How do I get rid of field crickets?

Partner with a trusted pest control expert to control field crickets. At All Clear Pest Control, we offer family-friendly and eco-friendly residential and commercial pest control services to quickly resolve your Arizona home's field cricket problem. Our trained technicians provide the inspection, treatment, and preventative services needed to eliminate field crickets and stop their return. For a free estimate or to learn more about our field cricket control services, reach out to us!

How can I prevent field crickets in the future?

Put into place the following preventative measures to minimize future issues with field crickets:

  • Place a stone barrier between mulch or soil and your home’s foundation.

  • Regularly mow your lawn and do not over-mulch garden beds.

  • Seal and caulk gaps around siding, windows, doors, pipes, and wires.

  • Seal cracks in your home's foundation and place weather stripping around windows and doors.

  • Yellow bug lights or sodium vapor lighting should be used in outdoor lighting fixtures to avoid attracting crickets.

  • Place garden areas a distance away from the exterior of your home.

  • Use dehumidifiers and make sure crawlspaces are properly ventilated to reduce moisture levels.


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