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Located just east of the popular city of Phoenix, Mesa, Arizona, is recognized for its beautiful landscape and historical background. In Mesa Grande Cultural Park, you can find a large ceremonial mound and artifacts of the Hohokam people's which are hundreds of years old. If you're interested in dinosaurs, archeology, art, or science, you may want to visit one of our historical or hands-on museums. No matter where you visit in Mesa, you can find deep-rooted cultural history and artistic talent on every corner. Unfortunately, every city has its problems, and like many cities across Arizona, Mesa residents deal with the stresses of pest infestations year after year.
If you're sick of pests invading your residential or commercial property, consider All Clear Pest Control for your professional pest services. Our service technicians are dedicated to Mesa property owners. We go above and beyond to show that we will get the job done effectively every time. Contact All Clear for the comprehensive pest control solutions you deserve!

Residential Pest Control In
Mesa, Arizona

Keeping your home pest-free and without any lasting damage is often quite challenging to do on your own. Pests, such as rodents, are often tricky creatures capable of spreading diseases and contaminating your food for several weeks before you even notice they are there. Certain types of insect pests (like termites) target the structure of your home, which can leave you with thousands of dollars in damage to your residential property.

Here at All Clear Pest Control, we understand the importance of a pest-free home. When pests invade, they disturb the peace of your household by damaging products, contaminating food, and spreading diseases. With our team of pest control technicians on your side, your home will receive year-round protection from a variety of common Mesa pests. Our residential pest control protects Mesa homes from pests such as scorpions, termites, spiders, rodents, cockroaches, and many more! Reach out to us for a free home estimate!

Are Bark Scorpions In Mesa, Arizona Dangerous?

It’s common for many Mesa property owners to be frightened by the sight of a scorpion in their home or on their property, let alone the Arizona bark scorpion. These nocturnal hunters are drawn to homes with high insect activity, and when they find a way onto your property, you may become worried about your health and safety. One fact to keep in mind is that bark scorpions are not aggressive. They would rather avoid you than sting you.

Most stings occur when you step on or brush up against one of these scorpions. Their rare stings are often painful but are typically not fatal. Elderly and young individuals are most at risk of falling fatally ill due to the venom of bark scorpions. Most healthy individuals should not worry about these stings being fatal. No matter where you live, it is always important to seek immediate medical care if you get stung by a scorpion.

Commercial Pest Control In Mesa, Arizona

Every Mesa business owner knows the stress of keeping their workers and customers happy. When you have all the responsibilities of running a business on your mind, it can be difficult to remember to prepare for pest infestations. At All Clear Pest Control, we will protect your business against pests of all shapes and sizes. We always provide our pest control treatments and services with professionalism and careful attention. Keep your business pest-free year-round with a commercial pest control plan from All Clear Pest Control!

Protect Your Mesa, AZ Property From Termites

Termites are some of the most destructive insect pests known to man. These tiny, wood-destroying insects eat away at the wooden components of residential and commercial properties every year, often without the property owner's knowledge.
Termites are a problem for several Mesa residents, but when you know which steps you can take to protect your property, you're one step closer to a termite-free year:
  • Remove logs, stumps, and large stick piles from your property.

  • Try to reduce wood-to-soil contact where possible.

  • Keep moisture to a minimum by repairing leaks, clearing your gutters, and removing water-damaged wood from your property.

  • Trim back tall grass and thick foliage to allow sunlight to dry up any moisture around your foundation and exterior walls.

  • Contact a termite control specialist if you believe termites are on your property.

All Clear Pest Control provides quality termite prevention and treatment options for Queen Creek residences. Reach out to us if you suspect pests are infesting your home or business and reap the benefits of a pest-free property.

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