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Crickets may seem harmless enough – that is, until you have a cricket infestation in your own home or yard. Then, the constant chirping will slowly wear you down and drive you crazy. There are many types of crickets in Arizona, with the most common being the house cricket. Yellowish-brown or tan in color, crickets only measure about an inch long.


While they don’t pose a health threat to people, the males’ constant chirping to attract females is the biggest problem you will face. Crickets also happen to be the preferred food source for scorpions and spiders, so where there’s one type of pest, there is usually another.

If you have crickets on your property or in your home, call a Santan Valley pest control company as soon as possible to address the infestation.

What Causes Cricket Infestation?

Crickets are omnivores, so that means they consume plants, fungi, dead bugs, and even other crickets. The landscape around your home is ideal for crickets, as your grass and garden will provide all the food and water they need to thrive. In addition, the mild climate creates the ideal nesting sites and breeding conditions for crickets.

Crickets like to eat plant material, fruits and veggies, seeds, crabgrass and ragweed, and insects such as ants, mites, aphids, stick insects, and ladybugs. When left unchecked, cricket populations can spiral out of control. Keep in mind, they are most active in spring, summer and fall.

Where Do Crickets Like to Hide in Queen Creek?

Locating the source of the cricket infestation is key in providing effective treatment. Crickets prefer to nest in damp, moist areas. To avoid overheating and drying out from the intense Arizona heat, crickets seek daytime hiding places such as under stucco siding, near meter boxes, and within block walls that are a common fixture surrounding Mesa-area homes.

To prevent crickets in your yard or home, remove tempting hiding spots such as rock piles, compost, clutter, wood, or leaf piles. Cut back landscaping and vegetation about six inches from your home. Remove debris or clutter around your home. They like to nest under cardboard boxes in the yard, as well as under tarps and pool toys. Be sure to seal cracks and crevices so these insects can’t get into your home. Apply caulking around windows and doors, as well as cracks in foundations or walls. Cover vents with fine-mesh screens.

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