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The most common ticks in Arizona are the Rocky Mountain Wood Tick, the Blacklegged Tick, and the Brown Dog Tick, and they are most active in spring, summer, and fall. These blood-sucking creatures are carriers of Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Colorado tick fever.

If left untreated, Lyme disease can spread throughout the body, causing fatigue, headache, fever, joint pain, and rashes. While ticks don’t fly or jump, they can latch onto fur, skin, and clothing. Outdoors, they live in wooded and vegetated, grassy areas. Inside, they live in crevices, cracks, or the nest or burrow of their host.

If you suspect you have a tick infestation in your yard or home, call All Clear Pest Control right away. Our professionals will take a look at how severe the infestation is, then recommend a customized extermination plan that fits your unique needs.

Facts About Ticks

Check out these facts about ticks so you can be aware of what you’re dealing with.

How To Prevent Tick Bites

So how can you prevent tick bites in the first place? Wear insect repellent and don long clothing, with pants tucked into your shoes. Avoid grassy, brushy, or wooded areas. Do a full-body tick check after working or playing in the yard, paying attention to areas such as armpits, belly buttons, behind ears, on the scalp, behind the knees, and between the legs.

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