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Summer is peak season for wasps here in Arizona. Many people get hornets and wasps confused, and for good reason. They both fly, sting, and leave itchy red welts. However, there are some differences, mainly in regards to size and color. Wasps are smaller than hornets and have black and yellow rings as opposed to black and white rings.

Wasp nests have a ball-like shape, are a drab gray color, and have a papery, dry texture. On the outside, the nest has a coiling, swirl-like pattern, with a honeycomb pattern on the inside.

Before you go ahead and disturb a wasp nest on your own, think twice and call your reliable Queen Creek pest control company for an inspection and safe removal of the hive.

Types of Wasps in Arizona

There are more than three dozen wasp species in Arizona, but here’s a look at the most common.

Paper Wasp

This species includes the Arizona paper wasp and the yellow paper wasp. They get their name from the manner in which they build their nests. Female paper wasps will chew up wood, mix it with saliva, and create a paper-like nests, usually located under the eaves of homes and in tree branches. Paper wasps are about an inch long and are yellow or brown in color. They aren’t as aggressive as other types of wasps and don’t generally pose a threat to homeowners. That being said, they will protect their nests and sting if they feel threatened.

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Spider Wasp

These wasps sting, paralyze, then eat spiders. They will drag the still-alive spider into a burrow and then lay their eggs on it. Once the larvae hatch, they will eat the spider alive. They are not aggressive towards humans unless provoked. 

Spider Wasp Pest Control Queen Creek - San Tan Valley - Mesa - Gilbert - Chandler AZ

Yellow Jacket

In Arizona, there are four species of yellow jacket wasps. They make their nests underground or inside hollow trees. They like to hunt small arthropods and also love sweets, which is why you’ll see them flying around trash cans at picnics or public parks. Yellow jackets are very aggressive and will sting you for no reason. Avoid these nests at all costs, as they can contain hundreds of angry wasps.

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Warning Signs of a Wasp Infestation

From swarming insects to chewed wood, here are some signs you may have a wasp infestation on your property.

Don’t let wasps hijack your summer parties and indoor sanctuary. It’s time to get proactive and call All Clear Pest Control for your free wasp inspection and quote at 480-779-7378. We offer quality wasp control throughout Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Florence AZ.

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