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Effective Spider Control in Queen Creek AZ

Due to the ideal climate in Arizona for comfortable living conditions, spiders are active year-round. They’re easy to miss because they’re great at hiding and they’re quite sneaky. Infestations increase in spring, summer and fall, with most spider species preferring dark, out-of-the-way corners of your home to weave their nests and catch their prey.

There are 26 spider species in the state, with the most common being the house, wolf, brown recluse, and black widow spiders. Tarantulas are also known to inhabit the desert areas of Arizona.

Spiders can deliver painful bites, and some can even be poisonous. Don’t share your home with them. Instead, call your local reputable Queen Creek pest control company for effective treatment.

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Arizona Home

While most spiders around these parts are not dangerous, it’s still unsettling to live amongst these creatures as they creep and crawl around dark corners. That said, some do bite and cause painful and even life-threatening effects, such as the black widow. Don’t take a chance. Here’s how to keep them out of your home and outside where they belong.

4 Signs You Have Spiders in Your AZ Home

From the obvious (large webs) to the not-so-obvious (flying insects), there are a few ways you can determine if you are living amongst spiders.

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