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A year-round problem here in Arizona, rodents can cause a lot of destruction to homes and businesses. They will nest in your insulation, chew through wires, and leave droppings and urine in their wake. From health risks to property damage, rodents are a nuisance pest that you don’t want to share a home with.

The best way to quickly rid your home or business of rodents is to partner with an experienced Santan Valley pest control technician who is well-versed in removing anything from mice to rats.  

Common Rodents in AZ

From voles to pack rats, there are many different types of rodents that can plague homes and businesses. Here’s a look at the most common in the Gilbert area.


While voles typically stay outdoors instead of invading homes, they are still some of the most destructive pests in Arizona. You work hard to maintain your lawn; voles can destroy it in no time if left unchecked. They like to eat seeds and roots of grass, bushes, trees, and garden plants, creating long winding tunnels that can leave dead patches above the ground.

While they can spread diseases through bites, they aren’t particularly dangerous to humans. However, they are considered a nuisance pest that can damage lawns and gardens in no time flat.

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House Mice

A common indoor invader is the house mouse. They are not shy and will invade your home or office by any means necessary. They can get in through holes no bigger than a quarter, on the quest for food and shelter.

House mice make their nests in walls, attics, old storage containers, drawers, and floors. Because they can squeeze through tight openings and are always on the run, they’re tough to pin down. They will seek out quiet spots, gnawing through wood and other materials to find the perfect place to settle down. House mice breed amazingly quickly. Young mice mature so fast that they can start having babies just a few weeks after their own birth.

Mice will leave their waste behind in food spreading harmful pathogens that can make you sick. It’s important to get a mice infestation under control as quickly as possible.

House Mouse Pest Control Queen Creek - San Tan Valley - Mesa - Gilbert - Chandler AZ

Roof Rats

Indoors, roof rats make their homes in attics, wall voids, or rafters. Outdoors, they like high areas such as trees or fences. They are great climbers, which means they can get to a lot of hard-to-reach spots fast. They can contaminate your food and chew through your insulation to make nests.

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Pack Rats

These rats usually prefer desert and forest areas, but will occasionally gain access to homes to make their nests and forage for food. They can burrow through walls or attics to locate an ideal nesting spot, causing damage as they go. Pack rats are also very noisy, so the may make their presence known fairly quickly as they squeak and run through your walls. They also like to make nests under car hoods, so don’t be surprised if the sudden cause of your car trouble is a family of pack rats!

If you suspect you’re living amongst any of the above rodents, time is of the essence. Get a free quote and inspection today from All Clear Pest Control at 480-779-7378. We offer effective rodent control throughout Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Florence AZ.

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