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Fleas are small insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals for sustenance. Their bites can cause discomfort, irritation, and itchiness, plus they can transfer germs that cause plague, cat scratch disease and flea-borne typhus. Pets often bring fleas into the home on their bodies, which can then lead to an infestation in your bedding, furniture, and carpeting.

It’s very hard to get rid of fleas on your own. First off, they are prolific breeders. Second, many people only treat their dogs for fleas and neglect to implement a solution to treat the pupae, larva, and eggs that have spread throughout the entire home.

That’s why you should call All Clear Pest Control at the first sign of infestation. Our professionals will assess the severity of the infestation, then recommend a customized extermination plan that fits your needs.

Facts About Fleas

Indoors, it’s tough to spot hornet nests, and it’s even more challenging to tell if they’re active. If not handled quickly, they can grow in size very rapidly and pose a danger to your family. Here are some common signs you may have a hornet infestation in your home.

What To Do If You Have Fleas?

So what can you do if you have fleas? First, vacuum all pet bedding, carpets, floors and furniture every day for many weeks, tossing the vacuum cleaner bag after every cleaning. Get oral insecticides for your dog at the vet. Bathe your pet with soap and water, combing their fur with a flea comb. And most importantly, get professional help from a trusted flea control technician. Their treatments are key in getting to the source of the flea infestation.

Got a flea problem? No worries. Call us and we will take care of the infestation promptly. Get in touch with All Clear Pest Control for your free flea inspection and quote at 480-779-7378, or complete our online form. Turn to us for effective flea control throughout Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Florence AZ.

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