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Effective Silverfish Control

Brown-gray or blue-silver in color, silverfish are teardrop-shaped insects that like to hide out in dark, damp areas such as attics, basements, kitchens and bathrooms. Attracted to paper and damp clothing, you may come across one or more in stored boxes in your garage or shed.

Silverfish, most active at night, do cause damage to books, clothing, and stored food, but do not threaten human health and do not carry disease. Still, because they are destructive nuisance pests, you don’t want them sharing your home with you.

Your local pest control company can provide you with a customized plan of treatment to control the silverfish population on your property.

How to Know You Have a Silverfish Infestation

These silvery creepy-crawly pests may be spotted slithering across the floor of your basement, bathroom or attic. They got their name because they move like a fish, seeking out warm, damp areas so they can reproduce rapidly. Here’s what to look for if you think you may have a silverfish infestation on your hands.

Tips For Controlling Silverfish

Professional treatment is the most effective, but there are some ways you can eliminate or prevent silverfish in your home. Heed these tips:

Keep it Clean


Keep Vigilant

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