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Gophers are a year-round problem here in Arizona. In their constant quest for snacks, they will congregate in open spaces and around plants, usually in yards, parks, fields, and golf courses. They may seem cute and cuddly but gophers are actually very destructive nuisance pests. Featuring compact bodies, short snouts, and small eyes and ears, gophers spend most of their lives underground.

They emerge to snatch food from lawns and landscaping, and then tunnel back underground. Their subterranean habitat consists of efficient tunnels that they use their claws to build. This is why gophers are so hard to catch, as they are not always visible. The damage they cause, though, can be very upsetting to commercial business owners and homeowners.

The only proven way to get rid of gophers once and for all is to partner with an experienced Queen Creek pest control technician who is well-versed in removing these wily rodents.  

How to Tell if You Have Gophers

From holes and mounds in your yard to plant and utility damage, there are a few tell-tale signs that gophers are present on your property.


Gophers are proficient diggers, with a single gopher capable of claiming a territory up to 2,000 square feet. They create extensive tunnel systems that can be located just a few inches below the surface to six feet underground. As they dig, they leave excess dirt above ground, which takes the form of a mound.

They dig at an angle, throwing the soil as they go, creating crescent or fan-shaped mounds with plugs of dirt that cover the hole. Fresh dirt mounds are dark and loose, while older mounds are lighter and more compact.


Vegetarians by nature, gophers eat many types of plants, particularly the roots that they can grab from the cover of their tunnels. Sometimes, though, they have to venture above ground for their meals. They will emerge out of a “feed hole” to search for food, and then return to their tunnels for cover. Such holes usually measure about three inches in diameter and they have no attached mounds.

Plant and Utility Damage

Gophers will destroy plants in your garden, attacking the roots, resulting in wilted or dead plants. They also like to feast on foliage and pull entire plants into their holes. Gophers’ teeth are constantly growing, and to keep them at a proper length, they must constantly gnaw on things. Plants aren’t the only thing they can destroy: they have no qualms about chewing through utility cables, sprinkler systems, and irrigation drip lines.

Have gophers been digging up your yard or business property? We can effectively remove these sly creatures so they don’t cause any more damage to your lawn or garden. Get a free quote and inspection from All Clear Pest Control at 480-779-7378 or complete our online form. We offer gopher control throughout Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Florence AZ.

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